Here we will discuss choices we should make to get most valuable cards.

Survival/journey shop

-Buying higher ammount of cards doesnt grant you better deal(e.g.for 300 coins you get 130 common cards, for 600 coins 260 common cards).

-The higher the rarity the more worthy it is to buy.

Ratios: 1:5:30(1 epic worth 5 rare worth 30 common)

Ergo:Save to buy epic cards.


Demigods: Worth to buy because of the chance of legendaries.

Rookies: Worth to buy in early game as the chest gets more expensive the further you come.


Save your cards and only evolve them when you are sure you need them. Rares and Epics are pretty good in the late game and should be on a high level to be used. Only evolve your epics into legendaries if:

  • you DO NOT need the epic card in your team because you got the legendary one
  • your legendary needs only 2-3 more cards for a level up.


Always request the cards you need, it helps other people to get expirience for level up and it helps you to evolve/lvl up this card faster.


Always fight against the cards you need, till you have finished them 5 times.

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