How to get the most valuable cards. Edit

Survival/journey shop Edit

  • Buying higher amount of cards doesn't grant you better deal(e.g.for 300 coins you get 130 common cards, for 600 coins 260 common cards).
  • The higher the rarity the better it is to buy. Buying epics is always better than buying rare cards, buying rare cards is always better than common cards.

Ratios are 1:20:200:2000 (1 legendary is worth 20 epics, 200 rares or 2000 common, generally. There can be a few exceptions)

Ergo:Save to buy epic cards.

In-game shop Edit

  • Demigods: has a small chance of legendary, a medium chance at epic. Number of cards increase with your league, so it can be worth it to wait if you are close to getting to a higher league. (For a full 1299 gems buy, about 1 in 2 drop epics, 1 in 4-5 drop legendaries)
  • Rookies: Buy them early with coins, they get more expensive when you rank up or league up. Number of cards in each chest increases based on your league.

Evolving Edit

Save your cards and only evolve them when you are sure you need them. Rares and Epics are pretty good in the late game and should be on a high level to be used.

  • Most epic card are not as good as legendary ones, but some are good and played often (Void Juggler, Soul Hunter, there's even a rare card, Orc Master, that you see quite often...). It depends on your strategy.

Only evolve your epics into legendaries if:

  • Your legendary cards need 2-3 cards for a level up.
  • You don't use the corresponding epic, and only use the legendary (example: Prince and Swordmaster)

Request Edit

Always request the cards you need, it helps other people to get experience for level up and it helps you to evolve/lvl up this card faster.

Journey Edit

Always fight against the cards you need. After 5 wins against a given enemy, all its cards will get +1 level.