Cards rarity are equivalent of card strength. Generally speaking : Legendary>Epic>Rare>Common.

But what level common card is stronger than low level legendary? Or what level rare is stronger than epic?

Level vs Rarity analysis Edit

Lets analyze few examples:

21 lvl common:

16 lvl rare:

Lvl 11 epic:

Lvl 6 legendary:

Big Toad 5/41 Skill:Return 6 Mr.Toad 7/36 Skill:Return 5, block 5 to ally Lord Toad 6/43 Skill:Return 5, return 4 to all alies Prince Toad 6/35 Skill:Return 5, nature ally +5 health, 6 hit to enemies when dead
Vampire 7/38 Skill:Vampire 8 Chiropteran 7/34 Skill:Vampire 6, attack steal 3 Blood Lord 9/32 Skill:+6 atk all with vampire, vampire 6 Count Vlad 8/30 Skill:Vampire 7, double attack
Red Orc 12/31 Skill:Double attack Orc master 14/27 Skill:Double attack. Give double attack to ally. Chiefman Orc 11/32 Skill:double attack, +4 atk on attack, +3 chaos on death
  1. Level vs Rarity conclusion

Cards are meant to be equal on each skill up lvl with an advantage for higher rarity because of slightly stronger skills. Overall:

  • 21 lvl rarity X>15lvl rarity X+1(for example 21 lvl common>15 lvl rare)
  • 16 lvl rarity X+1>21 lvl rarity X

Generally speaking, Legendary seems to be a little weaker according to this rule. We can say that 11 lvl epic=6 lvl legendary.

Best rarity to collect Edit

Lets skip legendary as they are too unpredictable to obtain. Start by checking out Level costs.

On first levels, the amount of cards needed to evolve is fairly even. But the higher level the higher the difference between rarities. From this we get a first conclusion:

2.The higher the level the best it is to invest in higher rarity cards.

Now, let's check amount of cards we get: When we can get 2 rarities of cards from a chest the lower rarity have 5 timer higher amount so:

From chest: X cards of rarity Y = 5X cards of rarity Y-1

We also need to check chances for rare cards from common chests and chances for higher rarity chests. It seems to be around 10 %. More data needed.

In journey, the amount of higher rarity cards are just 2 times lower than lower rarity, thus fighting rares in Journey is the best way to get a specific amount of cards for either a rare or an upgrade on an epic/legendary.

As calculations are complicated here let's just look at average amount of cards one gets at every rarity:

Ratios: 20:5:1
Now we can analyse it for few examples:

Lvl 6 rare card.

1580 common cards(10 lvl)
380 rare cards(6lvl)
76 epic cards(3 lvl epic)
Taking into account that calculations are a rough estimate, we can say that for 6 lvl rare card all rarities are even.

lvl 11 rare card

6000 common(15 lvl)
1500 rare cards(11 lvl)
300 epic cards(6lvl)
Lvl 16 rare card
14400 common cards(18-19 lvl)
3600 rare cards(16 lvl)
720 epic cards(10 lvl)
Here big differences in common cards costs after 16 lvl kicks in. Conclusion:

3.Until 16 lvl all cards are similarly worth collecting. After 16 lvl common cards become less worthy.

Conclusion Edit

1.A card is worth another card of higher rarity by 1 and lower skill level by 1. e.g.16 lvl common=11 lvl rare, generally speaking.

2.The more cards you get the more it's worth to invest in higher rarity cards (exceptions apply).

3.Common cards after 16 lvl are much more expensive so it's not worth investing in them past that point. Use gold dust.