Main useful combo of champions. They will be divided by atribute they are using.

Return Edit

Strategy must be made aroud Toads cards:Prince Toad, Lord Toad, Mr.Toad, Big Toad.

Void rock return Edit

Return with void rock card. Its best to place void rock behind Toads/stones. U need to make sure also your toads will live long enough to make this strategy work. All u need to do is to let toads be alive so Healing Return strategy would be usefull with this for example Lady Wilde. Son of woods is best here as he can use his own return too for this.

Healing return. Edit

There are few ways to perform it. Best is Lady Wilde(try to cover her around with Toads. 3 would be perfect). Or use forest mage/karas. Or wood spirit/Driada as health buff.

Which one to choose? If strategy have toads mainly Driada is perfect. At 16 lvl she is giving +6 health buff for everyone each turn. Forest mage is good when u need insta health buff and Karas when u are safe for now. But Lady Wilde is the best.

block return. Edit

Make return last forever with block. Best card for this is Pharaon. U need to survive 1-2 first turns to give some block to your toads. Strategy is:

1.Put toads the way they are not hitted by enemies.

2.Place pharaon.

3.Kill enemies with son of woods return or make time with void spirit freeze.

Defender is good addition too.

u can link this strategy with heal.

Any power buffs champions are good as substrategy with Toads too.:Argios, Minotaur. Maeve is must use if got here.

Personal choice for return strategy:Prince toad+Lord Toad+Mr Toad+Maeve+Lady Wilde+Pharaon+Defender

Zombies Edit

Late game strategy. Very hard to pull off. Need well leveled specific cards.

U should think abour it especially if u got Dead Lord.

Core:Dead Lord+Dark Mage.

Others:Zobie Lord, Summoner, Undead, Hell Gate

Make Dead Lord first turn and Dark Mage behind him second turn. For 1 lvl Dead Lord and 6 lvl Dark Mage now each turn zombies will be buffed +4/+4 and if dead there will be new ones.

U can make Undead for a more durable zombie and being much more terrifing with time.

U can make Summoner as poor alternative to dead lord or in case of silencing dead lord.

Use Hell Gate as a little better alternative to dead lord. Best in line aganist 3 low atk opponents.

Use zombie lord when u already have well buffed zombies as your unstopable kill card....unless u will be silenced.

Your greatest enemy in this strategy is silence. Soul hunter on death lord will hurt a lot and Son of Woods's silence all will totally kill this strategy.

Other cards going well with this:

Pharaon, Dark Tree, Dark Witch(when enemies are in big numers), Minotaur(when zombies are in big numbers)

This strategy is extremely difficult so Im sure there are tons of situational cards u can make usefull here.

Buildings Edit

Late game strategy and with a lot of varriety. Note we will focus here only on deck with mostly buildings like 8/10 cards. Lets write down all usefull here buildings cards:

Legendary: Void Jewel, Vanakauri, Life Palace

Epic: LuckIdol, Cursed Oak, Tesla Tower

Rare: Void Stone, first Aid, Totem

Common: Tree

If u have its great to start Void Jewel+Vannakuri. Next to get Luck Idol.

When opponent got a lot of champions Cursed Oak is super card to use. U can also use high level tree.

Other cards are healing/damage. U should figure yourself when its good to use it. I just note that high lvl Totem(like 16 lvl) is extremely strong. And its smart to focus on upgrading it.

With building there came usefull gnome cards:

Use Engineer when u have a lot of buildings

Use Crafter when u are going to have lots of buildngs.

Use Gnome when u need to heal buildings.

Imo Gnome is weak card, Crafter die before he become usefull but Engineer is very strong card. He is must have.

Other usefull:Lady tammer, Wood Spirit, Toads, Legendary:miss Lapin, Bastet.

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