How it works Edit

In The Pit, players must test their entire collection. The main task is to beat the bosses using each hero once. Initially, you have one hero of each rarity. When your hero is used, another one of the same rarity comes into your hand.

If the collection has run out of heroes of the necessary rarity, they will be replaced by lower rarity cards. For each boss defeated, you immediately receive a reward. The bosses are very strong so you will have several attempts and only 48 hours to complete the mode. After this period, the health of the bosses will be restored, as well as your used cards.

You need Power Sigil Power Sigils to fight in The Pit. They refresh 1 every 6 hours, with a maximum amount of 3 Power Sigil Power Sigils.

Rival Bosses Edit

The Power of every Boss (Health, its squad creature´s level...) depends on your maximum reached league.

We have, in order of appearance:

  • Bite of the Dark
  • The Poisonous Kiss
  • Breath of the Ice
  • Smile of the Death
  • Grin of the Fury

Rewards Edit

The exact amount of cards of every chest will depend on the difficulty (your maximum reached league):

Bite of the Dark 3 x Rare Chest Rare Chest
The Poisonous Kiss 3 x Big Rare Chest Big Rare Chest
Breath of the Ice 3 x Epic Chest Epic Chest
Smile of the Death 3 x Legendary Chest Legendary Chest
Grin of the Fury 5 x Legendary Chest Legendary Chest